Monday, April 26, 2010


My sister Sami, god bless her little heinie, has actually been married for over a year now! BUT she's an Air Force wife, which means her "wedding" was in a courthouse in Montana with a couple of Air Force peeps. SO earlier this month, Ryan and Sami had their "vow recommitment", a.k.a. WEDDING. Ryan is big on family and wanted to have SOME sort of wedding-ish party so the two of them could truly celebrate their love with family, in the traditional sense.
So the challenge was to have a beautiful wedding, but on the cheap-ish. They rented a really nice hall in her town, and luckily for Sami, her mom and her sister are both crafty mf-ers, as well as some of her in-laws!It really was an insanely DIY wedding, but if you didn't know it, I think most people would think it'd been professionally done. I actually didn't get to help with the design part (DAMMIT, that's my favorite part!), but Sami's mom did a fabulous job with it. My contribution was her wedding jewelry. Sami's aunt made their invitations (which I stupidly never took a picture of, it turned out cute), and her MIL handled all the food! It was crazy... and crazy beautiful and crazy DELICIOUS. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

So here's what I can show you that was DIY from the wedding:FYI, they did the ceiling part. Don't know how, but it's flippin' gorgeous. The chair covers were also made by us (on a looooong Saturday)The centerpieces were also DIY - fake flowers, but it worked. I draped the pearls along the rims and added the butterflies (all Sami's mom design, though!)

The favors: Decoupaged papier-mache boxes that were painted gold, and filled with homemade white chocolate-peppermint candies.
The arch was also designed and decorated by D'Lin, Sami's mom.

My contribution! I didn't come up with this design, I used the very simple tutorial here.

The necklace! It went nicely with my sister's ivory and light brown Maggie Sottero. This was also modified to have less pearls; my sister's neck is very, very tiny (unlike mine), so I removed most of the pearls and added another pair of the small Swarovski flowers, one on each side. =)

I wish I could post a card I made her for her wedding, but I ran out of time 'cuz it was a crazy weekend (we also went to the SF Giants home opener the day before, and saw our newly-pregnant friends the day after - for which I made the card, which I left at home, heh). I felt like a jerk for using a bought card, but time ran out on me. =/ I DID make her a lovely homemade card for her bridal shower, though! Here it is:

So yeah, this is looking to be the only wedding we're involved in, which is kind of nice. Last year we had 3 (one of which we couldn't attend thanks to my back going out on me the day of the 3rd wedding), and almost every year before that we had at least one (including ours, 3 years ago this June!). The Hubs and my first year of dating, we actually attended 5 weddings in a 14-month period! Luckily, I actually enjoy attending them, and I loooove making stuff for them (and doing DIY stuff for my own). My favorite part are just the little personal touches; yes, most weddings are formulaic, but the details is where you can set yours apart, and THAT'S what I love, love, love. So much that I miss buying "Martha Stewart Weddings". ;p

I swear, if I could find someone who loved micro-managing and wanted me to come up with all the great concepts and design the wedding, we would be millionaires. F'Reals.

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