Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey look, a craft!

I know, I'm shocked I'm posting, too.

This is on a canvas, but I hesitate to call it ART because I created it mainly to put some color on my bland dining room wall, so there's no artistic theme to it other than "I think vintage french ads are neat-o!" But I struggle with the idea of art vs. craft regardless. I feel like I go through an artistic thought process, and I'm aiming for a pleasing and polished final project. I don't usually have a deeper meaning behind my work, but I'm also still aiming for a particular feel to what I create. So am I an artistic crafter, or a crafty artist? (And the biggest question: How much of a douche do I sound like? ;P)

Anyway, theory, motivation, etc., let's move on to the pretty.
This is the base of the picture, which I actually really liked on its own, haha. Paint, various stamp inks and stamps were used to create it.

Aaaand this is the finished product! I found the vintage images via Flickr user pillpat (agence eureka), then painted the chipboard branch/vine thingies with crackle paint. The little chipboard piece in the lower left corner is edged with Distress Ink (Tea Dye), then stamped on the word "home" and added the little blingie.
This was SO MUCH FUN. Took forever, but had a GREAT time working on it. =D I'm now working on a set of 3 itty-bitty canvases which I'm very much looking forward to... and will post as soon as I'm done with 'em.