Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T minus 2 plus 3 divided by the moon...

*sigh* Real life got in the way like WHOA. While I do have new items made, I haven't been home at any time that lets me photograph in natural light! Stupid real job and magically having a social life for once as well. It's very frustrating! I will FINALLY be home in the morning/afternoon this weekend - not once, but TWICE. My camera and I will be getting all up in each other's bidness, yo, so I can post some DECENT, non-flashed-to-hell pictures.

So May 1st is a no-go - which is a shame, 'cuz I was planning on tying in a birthday discount 'cuz it's my baby bro's bday. Instead, we're now aiming for a Cinco De Mayo opening. We'll claim our Mexican heritage (half, on my dad's side FYI) and do a opening/5-5 discount tie-in to be cute. 'Cuz who doesn't like to be cute?

In the meantime, I'll continue to work on pieces. Next project: a set of cute "thinking of you" cards for people to send. Check out the prototypes on my Flickr! (Obviously, the for-sale ones will be a little neater and more cohesive, those two were just playing with the design and ideas.) The shop will probably only open with jewelry while I crochet, cut, and paste my little heart out for the other pieces.

See you when I announce that the store is OPEN!!! So excited!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update: T-23 days until open!

I figure if I don't give myself a "due date", this shop will NEVER open. Which would just stink, frankly.

So I'm opening on May 1st. That's my deadline. Below is a list of what I still need to do, and I'll cross it out as it comes along:
  • Finish pieces in progress (3 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, 3 bracelets)
  • Photograph items for sale
  • Order banner/business card designs
  • order business cards once design is done
  • purchase shipping products
So yeah, a lot to do still. But if I work on it a little each day, I think I'll get it done. And awaaaaaaaaaaaay we go!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deliciously Girly - A Creative Blog and an Etsy Shop

This is the blog for Deliciously Girly, the Etsy shop of Samantha M. It is also a place for Samantha to share the neat things she stumbles across, loves, and creates when she's not looking to sell. ;D

Things Samantha likes and will most likely post about: Art (including her own), craft (including her own), art involving craft, craft blogs, cooking, adorable things that aren't "kawaii", creative processes, girly fabulous things that make her squee, things/people she really wishes she'd thought of/could be, life's little pleasures and treasures that make her world a little sweeter, and occasional pop-culture goodness that she simply can't keep to herself.

Things about Samantha you might be interested to know: Her alter-ego is an English teacher, so she keeps the details of her life fairly non-incriminating (it's like I have a secret identity!); she's married to The Hubs, a sweet man who puts up with far too much of her crap (and you will most likely see in doodles); she likes to watercolor and use oil pastels, make cards and multi-media work, make jewelry, and crochet, and also knows how to sew and knit but doesn't feel much inspiration to pursue those as much due to a short attention span; she is hoping to get a dog soon and will probably torture readers with pictures of its adorableness once the dog is procured; she enjoys cooking for cooking's sake, but not so much for the purpose of eating - same with baking (in other words, I LIKE to cook and I CAN cook, I just don't like it when I HAVE to do it); she loves the little things that make life grand, and one of the purposes of this blog is to help remind her to focus on those wonderful little things on occasion. =)

If you're interested in the store, here's the fancy info about it:
"Deliciously Girly aims to provide customers with fun, flirty accessories for gals. Flowers, hearts, crystals, and pearls abound in the pieces, with an aim for the pieces to be fun without being immature or cloying. Cute crochet hats, quirky scarves, a variety of jewelry options, and happy cards to share with friends are the main products you'll see in the Deliciously Girly shop. She is also a sucker for weddings, and will be making pieces aimed at making a lady's special day just a little more special and unique.

Materials that Samantha prefers to work with are:
  • shells and natural rocks
  • freshwater pearls
  • Swarovski crystal and glass pearls
  • interesting glass beads
  • fun and funky buttons
  • sterling silver and gold-plated wire and findings
  • soft yarns (Samantha prefers to work with fibers that feel good as she works with them)
Samantha is also open to custom orders and remaking sold out pieces (if materials are still available); email her at with specifics and desired price range, and she'll be happy to provide an estimate and time frame. She will not try to imitate someone else's design, though."

Want to see more from Samantha?

Samantha's Flickr: Wearables photo set

Samantha's Flickr: Non-Wearables photo set