Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update for May 31, 2009 - Handmade Cards!

Happy Summer! It's officially here! For those of you not in California, BE GLAD. IT'S FREAKIN' HOT OVER HERE.

This week's posting is the FIRST handmade card set to be sold at Deliciously Girly! I'm very excited, because I think these turned out really nice. Granted, I AM biased. Click the picture below to see for yourself!

The listing is for the ENTIRE set - so you'll get 5 lovely cards (with envelopes, of course) to send to friends!

Next week will be wedding necklace #2, just waiting on MORE supplies (I'm so lame at ordering the right supplies amounts, hahaha), and maybe my first CROCHETED item! We'll see how it goes... the prototype is in progress, and if I like it, I'll write the official pattern and then make a nice version for the shop.

In other exciting news, I had my first purchase last week! WHOOO! The customer really liked the little gift I threw in there - marble magnets! I also have an order from a friend for jewelry for her bridesmaids, which we'll be looking at beads for next weekend. =D Yay for all this crafty goodness! If you'd like to see what I've made that hasn't gone in the shop, click here for my Flickr.

Have a great week!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shop Update - 5/25/09

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you're enjoying your barbecues.

I was hoping to have 2 items added this week, but I've hit a snag in paper coordination. (You'll see what I mean next week. Meh.) BUT I finally was able to finish my big bridal set, so here it is!

Click the picture to go to the listing!

I think it would be fantastic for a bride getting married on the beach. The inspiration was to make it look a little like something that washed up, made of sea glass and shells. (Which it's close - there's shells and dyed blue quartz.) This took a while to get to look just right, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Next week - another wedding necklace to match the the Modeste earrings, and my first card set! Whooo!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Shop Update - 5/17/09

It's still the weekend! I'm in under the deadline!

It's my personal goal to list at least one new item every week, and jewelry tends to be my quickest thing to put up. I'm currently held "captive" by my supplies order, though. I'm down to my last few headpins and jump rings, and it's driving me NUTS. I'm thisclose to finishing a piece for my wedding section that I think would be really amazing for a beach wedding, but I just HAD to run out of supplies *grumble*... should be here any day now, but obviously I can't list the item yet until it's DONE. Hopefully everyone will really dig it, though. I wanted to make something unique for a bride who wants to go beyond the traditional pearls and crystals look. NOT that there's anything WRONG with that - I love making those pieces, too!

It's not my supplier's fault, either, I love my supplier. SO much, in fact, that I'll pimp them really quick. has always provided wonderful service, easy returns, and GREAT products! The best part (for me at least) is that they sell their products individually, which means if you want to try a product out or test an idea before buying in bulk, you can buy just a few beads or findings instead of a TON, but when you buy a ton they give great bulk discounts.

Artbeads Jewelry Supplies

It's funny, I'm feeling so full of ideas and just want to create, create, create right now! I've been doing a practice crochet hat because I'll need to start crankin' out my crochet hats for the upcoming cold season soon. I also have a headband idea I want to start playing with soon. Cards! Can't forget cards. SO MUCH TO DO!

Anyway. Let's get to the good stuff - this week's listing, of course!

Sweet Blossom earrings! Simple glass beads in pretty floral shapes. =) Just a little sweet somethin' to make yourself "spring-y" ;D

More to come, hopefully soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Store Update: May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To share what else I like to make (despite what's currently listed, I do other crafts outside of jewelry), below are the Mother's Day cards I made for my own mother and my mother-in-law.


I will eventually have cards for sale on the website, but they take a little more time to make in sets; I'll sell individual ones as well, but I also like the idea of selling sets of themed cards. =)

Also, new item listed today!

Click the picture to be taken to the listing!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm official! I took decent pictures (and put a copyright image on them, dammit - no thievin' me, y'all!), I set up listings, and I'm OFFICIAL! WHOOOO!

It's so exciting! I officially have a shop!

Of course, there's still a ton of things to do. I need business cards and more shipping stuff. Plus now I'm low on supplies. BEH. I'm hoping to add at least 1 new item a week. Figure that's a good pace. =)

Go shop, y'all! There's STUFF in there now!