Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yet another obsession

WWEPW - Hairography "What Emma WOULD wear"
WWEPW - Hairography "What Emma WOULD wear" by dlishly-girly featuring Ted Baker shoes

I'm obsessed with dressing "Emma Pillsbury". I blame "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?", which I discovered through Tom and Lorenzo when they posted an interview they did with WWEPW. (Pretty common how I discover other blogs, I find them through clicking from a link in a favorite blog to another blog, and then I see an interesting link in THAT blog, and so on... it's like a Rube Goldberg of clicking to get from one site to the newly loved site. xD)

WWEPW has fashion challenges where you re-dress Emma with an item from a previous outfit, and they use the site called Polyvore to create the collages. OMG I HAVE ALREADY MADE 4 COLLAGES, THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN. It's like shopping and being a personal stylist, as well as invoking my love of paper dolls from when I was a kid! LOVE IT. SO MUCH FUN.

AND playing with Polyvore via WWEBW's group has led me to a NEW glee blog to love, Glee Dork. It's the Ciiiircle of Liiiiiife, and it rules us allll...

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