Friday, October 23, 2009

And you think YOU can knit...

I discovered this via CRAFT magazine's post. Janet Echelman does these large-scale woven pieces that are INSANELY AWESOME. Observe:When I saw this, I was just blown away. I mean, for Pete's sake! That's freakin' BREATHTAKING. I literally gasped when I clicked on the image.

Her website portfolio is of similar awesomosity, but my favorite is that one. Partially because it's all glowy (yes, glowy is an art term ;p), and partially because I love all those colors.

I'll try not to re-post CRAFT magazine posts too much, but I love having them on my syndicated feed. They usually post a variety of links to appeal to all types of crafters. If you haven't heard of the magazine, it's now exclusively online - the damn economy made it too expensive to print anymore.

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