Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T minus 2 plus 3 divided by the moon...

*sigh* Real life got in the way like WHOA. While I do have new items made, I haven't been home at any time that lets me photograph in natural light! Stupid real job and magically having a social life for once as well. It's very frustrating! I will FINALLY be home in the morning/afternoon this weekend - not once, but TWICE. My camera and I will be getting all up in each other's bidness, yo, so I can post some DECENT, non-flashed-to-hell pictures.

So May 1st is a no-go - which is a shame, 'cuz I was planning on tying in a birthday discount 'cuz it's my baby bro's bday. Instead, we're now aiming for a Cinco De Mayo opening. We'll claim our Mexican heritage (half, on my dad's side FYI) and do a opening/5-5 discount tie-in to be cute. 'Cuz who doesn't like to be cute?

In the meantime, I'll continue to work on pieces. Next project: a set of cute "thinking of you" cards for people to send. Check out the prototypes on my Flickr! (Obviously, the for-sale ones will be a little neater and more cohesive, those two were just playing with the design and ideas.) The shop will probably only open with jewelry while I crochet, cut, and paste my little heart out for the other pieces.

See you when I announce that the store is OPEN!!! So excited!

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